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OB3 Cane Density Tester V2

OB3 Cane Density Tester V2

OB3 Cane Density Tester: Designed for all cane from Oboe Cane to Contrabassoon Cane. So here is the BIG QUESTION! "Why are other density testers so expensive?" At OB3, we have solved this price issue! We have reinvented the density tester to make it more accessible for all. Pair this device up with any scale of your choice with the adjustable legs. They allow this device to be much more lightweight and portable than its competition whilst still maintaining rigidity for accurate measurements.


Version 2 has a new improved design allowing easier placement of cane into the water tank with ergonomic features whilst retaining the incredible stiffness of Version 1.


With the OB3 Cane Density Tester, just lower the reed holder onto the 9mm calibration block in the water and get consistently accurate results everytime.


A short video on the website shows how quickly and easily this device can be put together and taken apart for easy transport.


Click Here for the Density Calculator


We recommend these scales with the 100g calibration mass:


The OB3 Cane Density Tester is climate change cognisant by being carbon neutral and biodegradable through its use of bioplastics - Take part in this reed tool revolution! a price you can afford




  • Instructions

    Firstly, set up the device as shown in the video on the website, ensuring that the tank is not touching the scales.

    Fill up the water tank, and lower the reed holder into the water onto the 9mm calibration block

    Zero the scales once everything is in place, and place your piece of cane into the hole on the top of the density tester to measure the mass of the cane (m1).

    Once you have noted the value down, remove the cane from the hole, zero the scales, and place the cane underneath the reed holder. 

    Note down this value (m2) and then remove the piece of cane from the water.

    To calculate the density, take value m1 and divide it by the value of m1+m2.

    Therefore giving the equation: m1/(m1+m2)

    This will give you the density of your cane.

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Estimated Lead Time of 1 Week on all orders

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